The following is information regarding Dr. Dre's final studio album, "Detox". 


 Is the upcoming third and final studio album by American hip-hop artist Dr. Dre through Aftermath Entertainment and Interscope Records. Set to be released in 2012.

 Production for the album began in 2001 but has been delayed several times because Dr. Dre wanted to concentrate on producing for artists that were on his Aftermath record label, with the production delays being compared to Guns N' Roses long delayed album Chinese Democracy (2008). 

Initially announced in 2000 after the release of Dr. Dre's previous album 2001 (1999), Detox has gone through many renditions during its eleven-year production period, with the album being scrapped and restarted many times. 

Despite not having a confirmed release date, Detox has spawned two official singles, 

"Kush" & "I Need A Doctor". 

Dr. Dre first mentioned the name "Detox"  to the press around 2002. Which was over a decade ago.

Detox has spawned multiple leaks since it began production. Including: 

"Under Pressure", "Popped Off", "VIP Chillin'" "My Prescription", "Young World", "Turn Me On", 

and many more... "Popped Off" was eventually mixed and given to T.I. for his 

"Fuck Da City Up" mixtape.

"VIP Chillin'" was given to Swizz Beatz for his upcoming album as well.

As of right now, there is no set release date for Detox. But it is likely that it will be released sometime in December, due to the simple fact that December, 2012 marks the 20 year anniversary of Dr. Dre's debut album, "The Chronic".

Another single for the album is also expected to be released April, 20th 2012. Because 4/20 is considered the national day for smoking Marijuana in America. Some people are confused by the title "Detox", because they think Dre is detoxing from marijuana use. Which is NOT the case. The word "Detox"  in this case, means to finish. Because Detox is Dr. Dre's final album. It also means to "Bang it out your system". System referring to your stereo/bass system. Rather than your body's system. It's a play on words.

Dr. Dre also intends to have every track on Detox be a hit single.

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